The world is experiencing a rapid rise in AI and machine learning applications, ushering in a new era of possibilities. More and more people gain access to opportunities previously unimaginable. However, this technological revolution comes with its own set of challenges, particularly regarding the impact on human creativity.

The Jewellery Trendbook is an international reference point for the jewellery goldsmith world. Divided by thematic areas, it describes the evolution of consumption in the luxury market and takes a careful look at the emerging phenomena that condition the evolution of society, reflecting on purchasing behavior.

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Trendbook - emerging phenomena

In the last three years the world has witnessed a global pandemic, an ongoing war, continuing crisis in healthcare, cost-of-living and work, alongside the worsening ecological state of our planet that risks exacerbating social unrest, geo-political tensions and civilizational collapse. While the advent of Artificial Intelligence has ushered in new paradigms of optimism and cobotism, it has also heightened existential worry around their immediate and longer-term implications on human society

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Trendbook - market opportunities

The global jewellery market has always been an essential part of the fashion industry, symbolizing elegance, luxury, and personal style. The market has witnessed significant growth over the years, with consumers around the world showing a strong affinity for fine jewellery. However, several factors such as changing consumer sentiment, preferences, cultural diversities, and sustainability practices have influenced market trends and consumer behaviour.

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Trendbook - forecast

The Digital Renaissance is an era of profound transformation, where the convergence of technology and global culture has given rise to a new age of creativity and innovation. We explore the multifaceted impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on creative endeavours, the evolving landscape of digital arts, the societal challenges and opportunities, and the emergence of a dynamic fusion between craftsmanship and technology.

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