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Masculinity unmasked | The New Man

  • Masculinity is transforming, into a world where men feel free to express themselves in genderless ways, without the stereotypes of yesteryears.

Opulent asymmetry

  • #OddCouples #ElegantMisfits #UnexpectedStyle #UnevenLengths #PerfectlyUnbalanced #ModernMatches

Online/offline Jewellery sales need to Strike a balance

  • Jewellers will need to find the right balance between offline and online sales where exceptional customer service matters, and consumers will be better informed about what they are buying than ever before.

Diamonds: shape wear

  • #Hexagons #Octagons #Triangles #BaguetteCuts #Rectangles #Rebellious #Edgy #Youthful

The new smart

  • #Technology #Hybrids #Touchscreen #NewClassics #Connected
    #FitnessTracking #WatchEvolution

Eternalized self

  • From self-expression to self-actualization, in the selfie era luxury is owning who we are while making the world a better place

Hyper-chromatic jewellery from cyberspace

  • New materials create exciting possibilities for colour in jewellery design

The new generation of smartwatches

  • Blending style and high tech functionality

Digital Surrealism

  • Pixels and glitches turn into nostalgia in the eyes of Millennials

Diamonds Sector During the Digital Era

  • Chief Editor Paola De Luca speaks with Market Expert Rebecca Foerster

The New Egyptomania

  • The mystique of ancient Egypt inspires contemporary jewellery design.

The Single Globalist

  • The jet setter of the future reinventing the contemporary, nomadic lifestyle

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