Sustainable practices - guidelines and benchmarks

  • recycled jewellery, upcycled jewellery, Sustainability, People, planet & profit, Circular economy, RJC, Butterfly Mark

Holistic Living / Slowcelaration

  • Holistic living, Sustainability, People, planet & profit, Circular economy, Conscious consumption

Jewellery Trend-Organika

  • Holistic living, Sustainability, People, planet & profit, Circular economy, Conscious consumption, Craft revival, community sustainability, Indigenous tribes

The modern day adaptation of enamel & lacquer

  • Neon forever, Enamel jewelry, Painted enamel, Framed enamel, Playful Keepsakes


  • Diversity, Inclusivity, Black designer, African masks, Africa heritage, Ghanaian folklore, wearable art


  • Becoming a world community & catering to a global society

NEW EDGE JEWELS BY PERUFFO - New age Edgy jewellery

  • Edgy jewels, Unconventional, Experimental jewellery, transversal & smart, Wearable art, Modern edge, Imaginative jewels, Bold

COLOUR ME BRIGHT - Pop-coloured jewels to match up to vivid millennial wardrobe

  • Neon jewellery , Enamel jewellery, Alternative jewellery, Edgy jewellery, Colored Diamonds, Pop-enamels

RE-SMART - Rethinking the future of the luxury sector in the age of digitalism

  • Immersive technology, Smart experiences, Artificial intelligence (AI), Voice Controlled Commerce, Augmented reality (AR), Future stores, Virtual Relationships

NEO-CORE CONSUMER - Postpandemic phygital lifestyles and consumer culture

  • Mindful tech, Balance , Hyper-connectivity, Phygital Experiences, Cobotic relationships.

Kinetic jewelry by Marie Mas - Modular wearable jewellery

  • Kinetic jewels, Dynamic, Modular, Playful, Sleek & smart, Wearable art, Mix & match, Modern minimalism, Architectural, Fluid

NEO-CORE. Modern staples for the Digital age wardrobe

  • Modern Wardrobe Staple, Minimal, Functional, Simplification, Essential, Lightweight.

Crafts Culture - Living modern luxury through cultural heritage

  • #culturalheritage #craftrevival #modernheritage #artisnal #unconventional #livingexpressions #designroots

Art & Design - The multidisciplinary merger that elevates the jewellery experience

  • #artjewellery #newnarrative #personalexpressions #identities #artpatron #artimpact #socialcollaborations

AUGMENTED REALITY - Envisioning the jewels of the future

  • #designfutures #technologyinfluences #machinelearning #aiart #AIalgorithm #newmaterials #digitalrace

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