The first jewellery independent observatory in the world

Digital Modernism brings strong parallelism with the beginning of the last century and the start of Industrialism. It is a historical reference that guides us through the complexity of the modern age and helps us to hopefully find some answers.

The concept of Retro-Futurism reintroduces the vision of an early optimism that focused on the past, rooted in the nineteenth century and early-twentieth-century, bringing back a sense of hope for the future in the critical global scenario.

The new meaning of Globalism is re-considering and re-evaluating cultural differences; respecting human rights and local economies; and recuperating heritage and tradition. Arts and crafts become a reaction to the homogeneity and poor quality of mass manufacturing.

A re-discovery of a timeless beauty, a forgotten sense of leisure, and an appreciation for classical arts with a thread of romanticism, are appealing to the emotions of large communities. We are invited to re-think the relationship between memory and space.

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