Diamonds: shape wear

  • #Hexagons #Octagons #Triangles #BaguetteCuts #Rectangles #Rebellious #Edgy #Youthful

The new smart

  • #Technology #Hybrids #Touchscreen #NewClassics #Connected
    #FitnessTracking #WatchEvolution

Eternalized self

  • From self-expression to self-actualization, in the selfie era luxury is owning who we are while making the world a better place

Hyper-chromatic jewellery from cyberspace

  • New materials create exciting possibilities for colour in jewellery design

The new generation of smartwatches

  • Blending style and high tech functionality

Digital Surrealism

  • Pixels and glitches turn into nostalgia in the eyes of Millennials

Diamonds Sector During the Digital Era

  • Chief Editor Paola De Luca speaks with Market Expert Rebecca Foerster

The New Egyptomania

  • The mystique of ancient Egypt inspires contemporary jewellery design.

The Single Globalist

  • The jet setter of the future reinventing the contemporary, nomadic lifestyle

Ancient Signs

  • The new meaning of globalism

Breezy Lightness

  • Less is still more

The Affluent Midult

  • The Affluent Midult is about to take centre stage as the most dominant generational subculture of our time. The Midult is described as a “new movement and mindset.”

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