ARTIVIST into 2021 - Classic art and digital creation merge to become voice of the modern day

ARTIVIST into 2021 - Classic art and digital creation merge to become voice of the modern day

#digitalartistry #investedactive #E-sensitive #voiceup #boostconfidence #rejectcomparison #interculturaldialogue #digitaldialogue

ARTIVIST into 2021 - Classic art and digital creation merge to become voice of the modern day

#digitalartistry #investedactive #E-sensitive #voiceup #boostconfidence #rejectcomparison #interculturaldialogue #digitaldialogue

Society is voicing up through artistic mediums, to expand the modern definition of creativity and bring awareness to digital artistic potential. Artivist 2021 taps into the way that art and social issues intertwine, becoming a catalyst to conversations.

The perspective and new ways of envisioning the world that art can provide, fascinate this consumer. They are highly aware that artists move us with emotions and thoughts that are hard to describe, but unarguably leave us with a mark. By adopting brands that seek social impact and designs that illustrate their values, the Artivist wants hero products that are also protectors, whether it is to preserve privacy or emotional stability.

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Image source: 1. In-store art by Nick Cave; 2. Art by Priyanka Paul; 3. Apple art work by John Giorno

This consumer is interested in initiatives that combine attractiveness and hyper-seduction with a virtuous dimension. They create culturally relevant artwork to exhibit every day, as an illustrative way of understanding their rapidly changing environment. This allows the Artivist to identify the role they play in it and how they can create impact, by use of purchasing power and brand activism. Technology-driven shifts empower them to assume a greater, if not complete, role in designing and directing their own products and experiences.

The “Turn It Into Art” movement evolves celebrating the transformative power of creativity in its ability to lift spirits, shift perception, and drive change. Digital mediums – most notably augmented reality (AR) – are making high art more accessible than ever, bringing them off canvases and into the real world to appeal to the growing cohort of digital-native consumers.

Artists (musicians, filmmakers, writers, designers, cartoonists, and so on) gather in inspired collaborative competition: they work together, learn from one another, play off ideas, and push one another. The collective efforts of participants in these “scenes” often generate major creative breakthroughs. The digital platforms with a large variety of mediums and forms of visual art, including installations, photography and performance, help one to share their views with the world at large and shape opinions as well as engage and influence people and policy in the right direction. Various activist groups and communities engaging in projects that are collaborative and participatory, often become an expression of the suppression and marginalisation of these groups.

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Image source: 1. BBOOYY 2. Mailchimp Presents

Biotechnology is also pushing the boundaries towards products that are a true expression of our bodies and needs. All these new technologies are impacting the visual side of design, and as a result new colours, shapes and textures are emerging. According to the South Korean company Noroo, leader in the paint sector, the colours of the future will be fluid, nuanced, undefined, metaphysical and lunar like the tides

Aware that they live in a society which is dealing with climate issues, this consumer is sensitive to initiatives to improve the situation and conditions faced by the planet. They want to remain glamorous and chic, nevertheless, through a combination of desirability and durability. They are sensitive to the codes of an accessible and desirable version of luxury, as well as the responsible initiatives implemented by brands.
Contemporary art entwined within jewellery focuses not just on public spaces but on the concepts of the public sphere. Fashion+Art play a bigger role in the site of social relations, through public interaction, of debate to negotiate opinion formation, address social issues and question established opinions through creative cultural products.

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Images source: 1. Syz Fireworks; 2. Habebti-bracelet Djula; 3. Lydia Courteille

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