AUGMENTED REALITY - Envisioning the jewels of the future

AUGMENTED REALITY - Envisioning the jewels of the future

#designfutures #technologyinfluences #machinelearning #aiart #AIalgorithm #newmaterials #digitalrace

AUGMENTED REALITY - Envisioning the jewels of the future

#designfutures #technologyinfluences #machinelearning #aiart #AIalgorithm #newmaterials #digitalrace

The Future is around us. It’s just not spread evenly. As the future hurtles at us at faster speeds than ever, it has become almost impossible for creatives to design and envision for tomorrow. The future design ideals are set in new codes, and technology allows products to be created to meet the heart's desire. We thrive to make sense of rapid growth while remaining anchored to relevant design.

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Image source: Kevin Yup

From robots that cast and mark jewellery pieces, to AI algorithms that predict style trends, to VR mirrors in trials of jewels, technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up every aspect of the jewellery industry.
Technology will continue to change the jewellery industry, from e-commerce platforms and cloud solutions to mining and/or discovering precious gemstones. Computer-aided design-CAD, 3D printing, and augmented reality bring new excitement to retailers and buyers. We see more stores implementing these technologies in order to stay powerful and competitive and to position themselves in the market.

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Image source: Stephen Webster ‘Dynamite’

Introduction of new tools and machine learning opens possibilities for consumers to customize what they are looking for, and helps retailers and stores not only to move more product but also to enhance the experience for shoppers. This leads to greater loyalty and retention. The growth in technology opens up an entire new way of engaging.
Wearable Tech gauges the attention of New Age consumers, products and jewels that not only look nice but also serve a purpose. These products have a form and function to suit a lifestyle. Some rings and smart bracelets can now be connected to handheld devices, allowing one to track activities such as heart rate, steps, etc.

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Image source: Boucheron, Mattia Cielo

We can buy a tech-connected version of nearly any piece of jewellery, with watches being the most popular. Swarovski worked with Misfit Wearables to create its “activity crystal,” an app-connected jewel for tracking workouts and sleep patterns. The crystal can be worn on a necklace or wrist cuff.
The combination of 3D-Printing and CAD can be seen influencing designs and processes, utilising materials like Polyamide, alumide, ceramics, rubber-like materials as well as metals, making the design options limitless.

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Image source: Marli, Thomasz Donicick

Often used for earrings, Electroforming is another indispensable technology advancement in the jewellery market that allows artisans to make a light yet strong metal design.
This process creates a thick skin of silver or gold, which enables the production of lightweight pieces. This broadens the design portfolio as statement earrings of larger dimensions or proportions do not limit the weight of pieces.
The combination of these developments makes it highly possible to get away from mainstream designs. Technology can increase the complexity of designs, enhance the ability of jewellers to interpret more artistically ideas as capabilities increase.
This also enables consumers to customize pieces according to their specifications. The utilisation of technology is more than just empowering clients – it is also about getting rid of physical borders from the crafting and design process to allow for original, light, and cost-effective pieces.
The new age consumers constantly look for quality innovation in their lives, and this applies to the jewellery pieces they wear.

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Jue Huang, Pierre Innocenti

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