Breezy Lightness

Breezy Lightness

Less is still more

Breezy Lightness

Less is still more

At the beginning of the last century Industrialisation and Modernism triggered some of the most influential and exciting responses in the history of art, design and culture. However, Industrialisation also created diverse and opposite reactions in society as it divided those who embraced the new mode of thinking and those who responded with an anti-technology, conservative approach. Today, being at the cusp of Post-Digitalism we are searching for a new balance between a high-speed lifestyle and a spiritual and humane approach.

In design, this search for a balance or harmony translates into a preference for abstraction, a use of the latest technologies, an experimental approach, and multi-functional and comfortable styles. The Breezy Lightness theme takes these elements and filters them through the most delicate part of the minimalist spectrum. There is a strong sense of fragility connected to this trend. It’s the physical expression of the crispness of an early springtime morning, the subtle touch of tiny raindrops, or as the name suggests, a light breeze.

In the world of fashion, this theme is represented by flowing and see-through fabrics, monochrome styling, and simple, clean silhouettes. The colour palette is muted leaning towards earthy tones such as beige, different tones of white and grey, and black. Less is still more but it’s blended with sculptural shapes, technological designs with hi-tech textiles, and laser cutting techniques. It is the elevated version and progression of Sophisticore. The focal points are the details; interesting seams, asymmetry, a pair of simple pumps or ankle boots with eye-catching heels.


M Missoni,, image courtesy TRENDFORTREND. As seen in Trendbook 2018+

The key is reducing by eliminating unnecessary elements and focusing on a high quality that will produce long-lasting items. This approach to design and manufacturing resonates well with the previously mentioned search for harmony in a fast-paced society. In jewellery, diamonds are the quintessence of the exquisite and they are the protagonists in this theme along with micro-links and pearls.

messika paris

Ring by Messika Paris

The Breezy Lightness jewellery silhouettes range from being very rigid to super soft. Necklaces come in both closed and open collar forms, as well as delicate chain link lariats. The rigidness of the open collar necklaces is contrasted by micro chains that come in single and multiple rows and hang from both ends of the opening. The bangles and chain link bracelets are thin and delicate and are made for layering and stacking. Earrings are usually long and in contemporary styles like front-and-back or a combination of drop earrings and ear climbers. Rings are, just like the bracelets, made for stacking. They also come in the form of silhouettes where a regular ring and a midi ring, or multiple finger rings, are linked together by thin chains.

eden diodati

Bracelet by Eden Diodati. As seen in Trendbook 2018+

White diamonds are placed on rows of micro chains as though they are floating in the air or running down a glittering waterfall. The look is somewhat like the trails left by rain on window glass. Tiny, pavé set diamonds cover bangles and rings and add sparkle to simple silhouettes. Larger stones are used to create a scattered effect and different cuts are mixed in one piece of jewellery.

yoko london

Necklace by Yoko London

The pearl jewellery found in Breezy Lightness blends the classic and traditional feel of the pearl with modern silhouettes. White and green pearls are the most commonly used. Grey and yellow pearls are also evident and often match the metal; grey pearls with white gold, yellow pearls with yellow gold. This delicate and sophisticated approach to pearls makes them wearable all year round and for any occasion.


Earrings and ring by Leaderline

Micro chains in yellow or white gold are the glue that keeps this trend together. Be it a single chain or multiple chains creating a fringed effect, they create a lightweight and delicate feel in any piece of jewellery. They provide the sought-after balance between timeless and contemporary, classic and modern, minimal and experimental. Thin and delicate styles that can be layered or worn alone, create a big impact while not requiring lots of manufacturing material. This kind of mindful approach to design speaks to the Digital Modernist consumer who strives for a sustainable future.

CREDITS top image: New York Street Style @ As seen in Trendbook 2018+

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