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#fantasy #humour #whimsy #emoji #surrealism #characters #cartoons #makebelieve #silly

Cartoon Network

#fantasy #humour #whimsy #emoji #surrealism #characters #cartoons #makebelieve #silly

Designers are borrowing favourite character features vivid colours, childlike motifs and symbols, and exaggerated and surreal silhouettes from tots’ Saturday morning shows and turning them into finished jewels complete with a juvenile flair fine enough for grownup wear1400X450 cartoon network testo1

Lito, Julez Bryant, Roberto Coin

For the past five years, illustrated comics’ regulars like Snoopy, Porky Pig, SpongeBob SquarePants, Hello Kitty, and more have seemingly taken up permanent residence in both fashion and handbag designer collections as well as in some museum exhibitions. Jewellery, of course, is a natural next step.

 1400X450 cartoon network testo2

Tous, Daniela Villegas, Roberto Coin

Lighthearted looks include franchised characters, open rings with unicorn noggins facing tiny rainbow friends, emoji faces on gold discs that link by chain in bracelets, perky enamel lip earrings, and random keyboard characters keeping company with catchwords or personal mottos. All offerings add a fun and much-needed approachable vibe to stodgy jewellery store cases.

 1400X450 cartoon network testo3

Alison Lou, Luis Morais, Deirdre Featherstone

Silhouettes: charms, open-style rings, elongated pendant necklaces, bangles, studs
Aesthetic: fantasy, surreal, whimsical, fun, childlike, colourful, make believe, silly, nostalgic
Materials: enamel, rose and yellow gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, amethyst, topaz, acrylic, rubies

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