Mood boosting, uplifting jewels are grabbing attention with colourful, casual and cool statement making styles. With optimism on the horizon, there is a new sense of excitement and jovial approach to adornment supported by jewels in neon & chrome coloured metal, pop art aesthetics, candylike gemstones and playful shapes that pack a punch.

TV 1400X450 2

Credits: EERA, Panconesi

Designers experiment with the rainbow hues by mixing a full range of coloured gemstones to create whimsical pieces.

TV 1400X450 3

Credits: RF JEWELS, ADOLFO COURRIER, Misho Designs

Bright enamels, once considered fast fashion, are mixed with the precious world of fine jewellery. Enamel colours and their psychedelic shades are fused with gold, diamonds and alternative material, to create precious, refined, yet playful jewels that are brimming with positivity for the future.

TV 1400X450 4

Credits:Pavel Pjatakov @unsplash, Crivelli


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