Hyper-chromatic jewellery from cyberspace

Hyper-chromatic jewellery from cyberspace

New materials create exciting possibilities for colour in jewellery design

Hyper-chromatic jewellery from cyberspace

New materials create exciting possibilities for colour in jewellery design

TColoured metal is on the rise as it speaks to Millennials and Generation Z through its bright, electric tones that express a digital, futuristic feel. There is now a new rainbow of opportunities for metal as it takes centre stage, transforming the colour possibilities of jewellery in sophisticated new ways. The digital era spurs a new wave of surrealism rooted in virtual worlds and digital landscapes. The endless possibilities of the parallel universe that is the World Wide Web influence design- and product directions across the fields of fashion, accessories, and jewellery.

Fernando Jorge 17

Earrings by Fernando Jorge

Our digital personas and virtual worlds are pushing design towards a futuristic, neon-lit aesthetic that’s influenced by online gaming and cyber tribes. The anonymity offered by the Internet gives us the chance to form and create groups that wouldn’t be possible in real life. For many, the cyberspace is a haven - the only place they can be who they want to be or they really are. It’s a world without borders that connects people regardless of their geographical position, ethnicity, and religion.

Suzanne Syz 11

Ring by Suzanne Syz. As seen in Trendbook 2018+

This digital theme revolving around parallel worlds goes hand in hand with the gender neutrality trend. Online we have the possibility to be ageless, genderless, and sexless. We can push the boundaries of who we are. Both Millennials and Generation Z (also called the Information Generation or iGeneration) share the underlying principles of a more expansive view of gender than any generation before them. In the future, concepts will be rooted in complete interchangeability between sexes where people feel no need, pressure, or desire to identify with a particular gender or sexual orientation.

Noor Fares 1

Earrings by Noor Fares

In the luxury market, creative industries should no longer focus on the word ”androgyny”. Millennials and Generation Z seek out brands and companies that treats them as equals and as individuals and who truly stand for their generation’s open, free-spirited mindset. In fashion and accessories, this group is attracted to non-specific shapes and colours that don’t stereotypically identify with either male or female. In terms of colour, men are also embracing softer, pastel colours and women lean towards darker tones and sturdier materials, playing with --and going against-- gender stereotypes.

Second Runner Up Vhernier

Necklace by Vhernier. As seen in Trendbook 2018+

In the world of jewellery, the combination of virtual influences, gender neutrality, and futuristic surrealism translates into organic or geometric forms in neon colours. Jewellery designers are now re-imagining the palette of fine jewellery and metal is no longer confined to traditional yellow and white metallic tones. The trend in using coloured metal is growing stronger and it gives designers the possibility to create out-of-this-world jewellery pieces. Through the use of new materials such as nano-ceramic coatings, PVD-coating, coloured rhodium, titanium, aluminium, and new coloured gold alloys, as well as hot and cold enamel, there are new possibilities for tone-on-tone colour combinations, in both complementary and contrasting shades.

Garavelli DUNEraggi anelli

Rings by Garavelli. As seen in Trendbook 2018+

Digital landscapes and virtual worlds inspire these jewellery designs that look as if they could be worn by fantasy characters and online avatars. A bright, electric palette mixed with white or coloured diamonds transcends a cyber glamour atmosphere. Fluorescent blue, purple, and pink are the most popular colours, with their strong digital connotations. Different shades of green are also in the mix, as well as primary yellow and red. The silhouettes are bold and lines are fluid, fuelling the futuristic and surreal vibe.

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