Technicolour Dreams

Technicolour Dreams

#colouredcoatings #nanoceramic #pvd #inlay #colourcombinations #wildcolours #enamel

Technicolour Dreams

#colouredcoatings #nanoceramic #pvd #inlay #colourcombinations #wildcolours #enamel

Colour in jewellery is no longer the lone job of gemstones enter the wide variety of coatings for jewellery like enamel, nano-ceramic, PVD, and more, which have shown up in force this year. Designers are looking for ways to innovate, and these technological developments help accomplish colourful goals.

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Sarah Hendler, Selim Mouzannar, Daniela Villegas

Depending on the technique, options for originality are abundant: wild colour combinations, funky forms, and unexpected gemlike hues are just a few. Outlines, meanwhile, lean toward the imperfect and geometric think freeform effects and sharp, angular designs with some Rubenesque options mixed in for femininity.

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Tsai An Ho, Marcia Budet, Giovanni Ferraris

In the end, styles out a healthy dose of whimsy, put on a rainbow-bright piece that will call to mind the crayon box of your youth.

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Loriann Jewelry, Kelly Xie, Coronet by Reena Ahluwalia

Silhouettes: funky shapes, unexpected, geometric outlines, oversize pendants, drop earrings
Aesthetic: happy, vibrant, wild, floral, bright, mesmerizing, fantasy, colourful
Materials: white and yewllow gold, nano-ceramic coatings, enamel, PVD, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline

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