We are just at the dawn of “Digital Culture” and of its integration into our contemporary social fabric, despite the technology and new media, and today the revolution is under way. Society shows strong discrepancies in the assimilation of new values, with great gulfs between the generations, psycho-sociological and geo-political issues.

Despite the compulsive use of technology, urban and suburban digitalisation, and the integration of “parallel worlds” Offline and Online, are still at an early stage.
he business world is at the dawn of its potential and in the use of the internet.
The true Ri-Evolution, the integration or “merging” of parallel realities.
The Selfie is the expression of the Era of Self-Xpression in individual Story- telling, which comes from Street Style and no longer from elegant Society. The protagonist is Fafa Fasion (Favela Style) or Ghetto Style, which transforms the dynamics of the market and the languages of communication.
Taste is dictated by street culture, the peripheries, chat and the new platforms.
It is the fashion underground, the Indie Companies, an acronym for “Independents”, the small companies revolving around digital culture, which influence choices and the global digital economy.
The themes of the seasons communicate codes that come from the edges of Society, the new ethics, inspirations from the past, in other words, Parallel Reality.
Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Elio are platforms where images are communicated and new languages emerge. The top Brands are obliged to follow them and to engage the Independents.
This “Blurred-Reality” between Offline and Online has inspired the TrendBook 2019+ which monitors historical and social changes. The visual codes are influenced by South Korea’s K-Pop which integrates vintage elements with Digital Style. (See also Lala Land.)
A blend of Vintage elements, classic History, and the Web.
The TrendBook 2019+ blends classic fonts, which simulate the screens of our desktops and smartphones. The layout and sections tell a Social language, with timelines and mood boards of Online communities. Images and texts are organised via tagging. The merging between Parallel Worlds integrates print publications with Digital Language. The TrendBook communicates emotions thanks to the “sensory” experience of the printed images and 3D effects.
The Language and Story telling are Digital - a document that becomes a schedule of Themes and Arguments that will be explored Online daily for the coming Seasons.



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