Crafting eternity: Italy's enduring legacy

Crafting eternity: Italy's enduring legacy

Exploring the timeless influence of Italian cultural mastery in the modern era

Crafting eternity: Italy's enduring legacy

Exploring the timeless influence of Italian cultural mastery in the modern era

Credits: @str4ngething

In the realm of luxury design, journalism and trend research, Mariella Milani, Lucia Silvestri, Maison Crivelli, and the Scognamiglio family share a deep commitment to the essence of “Made In Italy” and the preservation of artisanal craftsmanship.

Mariella Milani, a stalwart journalist since 1976, fearlessly explores critical societal issues.


Credits: Mariella Milani

Her transition into fashion criticism in 1994 integrates her with the economic, sociological, and cultural facets of the fashion system. Utilizing dynamic storytelling on Instagram, Mariella communicates the rich histories of companies and culturally prominent voices representing Italian and international excellence.


Credits: @mariella_milani

Lucia Silvestri, the Creative Director at Bulgari, stands as a beacon of excellence in her role as one of the few women holding the position of Buyer Director.


Credits: Lucia Silvestri

Her global quest for gems, transformed into invaluable creations, reflects a dedication to upholding the legacy of craftsmanship. Her influence on elegance and beauty guarantees a timeless impact resonating through the tapestry of the future.


Credits: Bulgari

Maison Crivelli's jewels exemplify manual mastery, emphasizing the beauty of technical solutions supporting precious stones and a rigorous elegance marked by simplicity and harmony.  Alessia Crivelli, Crivelli’s General Manager and President of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti, plays a pivotal role in Maison Crivelli's commitment to supporting the goldsmith tradition in Valenza.


Credits: Alessia Crivelli

Since June 2018, Maison Crivelli has been a cornerstone of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti, ensuring continuity in an economic sector representing the finest “Made in Italy” globally.


Credits: Fondazione Mani Intelligenti

The Scognamiglio family, dedicated to the art of Cameos since 1857 in Torre del Greco, Italy, symbolizes the projection of Italian classicism into the future while embracing contemporary trends. The universe, created in particular by Amedeo Scognamiglio, symbolizes timeless beauty, adaptable to social change, offering a modern perspective on the art of cameo.


Credits: Amedeo Scognamiglio

Amedeo's journey, marked by the March 2022 launch of AMEDEO NFTs and the establishment of the first AMEDEO boutique in the Metaverse and an entire AMEDEO village, bridges historical craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital innovation. This underscores the enduring relevance of Italian artistry in the face of evolving technologies.


Credits: Amedeo, Crypto Cameos

At the core of this narrative lies the profound significance of “Made In Italy” and the legacy of craftsmanship. Whether through investigative journalism, high-end jewellery design, or the art of cameo, these individuals and institutions embody a commitment to excellence that transcends labels. In an ever-evolving world, their dedication to preserving tradition, cultural identity, and the soul of craftsmanship serves as a guiding light, steering industries towards authenticity and unparalleled quality. As we celebrate these stories, we recognize that they are not just about products—they are a testament to the timeless values that define “Made in Italy.”

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