THE JOY OF COLOUR “The evolution of the Jewellery in the Era of the Metaverse and NFT’s"

SHENZHEN, China - “The Joy of Colour” exhibition, running from March 10 to May 10 at the Shenzhen Jewellery Museum in China, will present vivid insights into how Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse will inspire jewellery design in the future.
Curated by creative director and jewellery expert Paola De Luca and her team from The Futurist including China-based marketing specialist Helen Mao, in partnership with Italian Exhibition Group’s jewellery forecasting observatory TRENDVISION, the exhibition will open the eyes of jewellery enthusiasts to an immersive environment that reveals how design and colour coding will evolve in a new era of fast-emerging AI where in-person and virtual craftsmanship will co-exist.

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